Dharam is DYNAMIC

A mesmerizing guru from vrindavan, travelling around the globe, spreading Awareness

Shri. Pundrik Goswami Ji Maharaj

Dharam is ever evolving. No mortal or sublunary authoritative is capable of defining Dharam. Words like law,probity, conscience, morality and religion are all found deficient when equated with Dharam. For that matter no word in English language has inherited the characteristics to define Dharam. It envisages a distinct meaning whenever it is worn. Sometimes it elucidates law, sometimes ethics, sometimes righteousness and sometimes morality. The list is never-ending, it traverse through the virtuous mélange of connotations. Scholars repeatedly state that the word is not translatable in English. Though we associate Dharam closely with religion yet it only construes a fragment of Dharam. We should acknowledge paucity of languages while defining Dharam. The only approach to get contiguous with Dharam is through Vedas and other scriptures.

Dharam can be equated with a river. It is as always inquisitive, searching for new embankments, exploring new shores, creating new dwellings, gushing across mother earth effectuating creation. Rivers have always been the nucleus of our civilization and so is Dharam. Like Bhagirathi when Dharam transpires from Vedas (supreme godhead in case of Ganga ji) it expunges vices from our hearts. Both of them cleanse our arrangements and our cultures. Rivers and Dharam are never stagnant they are continually evolving. When a part of the river becomes stagnant it befits to be a pond, unmerited and unreplenished .In the same way when Dharam becomes stagnant it also becomes unjustified and gratuitous. In some aspects it leads to fanaticism, and to the oppression of non followers. When not evolving Dharam can be defined as a religion or a set of decisions. When Dharam is restricted to a purview it becomes complex and ponderous. Only way to make Dharam lively and perspicacious is allowing it to grow. Evolving here does not manifest rebuffing of Dharam rather redefining it with a coetaneous maturity. Like it is mentioned in our Vedas – in Satyuga Gyan marg was most important, in tretayug & dwaparyug Karma marg held importance and in Kali Yuga Bhakti marg is the solitary motive. Essence of Dharam changes with every epoch. Dharam is something which ripens with time and words like religion are tamed by a narrow set of rules. Dharam is a vast experience, a way of living rather than despotic array of principles.

Evolving here simply signifies to see things in a contemporary way. In an approach which is very practical, solution oriented and purposeful .If we think practically all religions are nothing but a mere set of decisions made by the incomparable or his disciples for a welcoming life. It’s basically an arrangement of decisions turned into a bundle of solutions to make our lives worthy. Be it norms of the society or the values of a house or rules of an organization they are just decisions taken and enforced. Decisions which are virtuous, moral and pious are followed and abided as laws. Decisions which are ambiguous and unprincipled are changed.Religion is something which is institutional and as compared Dharam can be considered individual.

Maharaj Shri. H.H. Sri. Pundrik Goswami Ji Maharaj explains it in a very empirical way. He assigns Dharam to kindness. He evidently explains that if you have compassion and goodness while performing something then this karam of yours can be identified as Dharam. On the other hand even a good deed done with a selfish intent will be distinguished as Non dharmic. He attributes Dharam to benevolence which perpetuates to love. Something that offers us infinite possibilities to grow. Dharam is something which administers the coercion of time for religion , duty, conscience , morality and everything else that is pious.


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