It’s quintessential of human nature to acquire things. We are born with that disposition- to embrace, to obtain, to possess and to recuperate. We are indebted to the thought of not leaving. Objectively from birth we were not prepared to leave our mother’s womb. We were not prepared to dispel that abyss and as we grow our basic character parades us through the path of possession. As a child we always wished to grab – may be to explore or to just to be engaged. We always nourish our pride by gaining. Our adulations depend on our covetous yearning.  Though our religious texts always ushers us through the path of detachment. It has been understood as path of disownment, path of being reclusive.
For an ordinary soul detachment in spirituality denotes to leave. In simple words detachment for us is disownment. It’s like severance, being dissolute towards everything that tickles our senses. Everything that impels our perception to commit a felony. Even for some spirituality and indifference (detachment) are like synonyms. People associate religiosity with renunciation.
Now our basic nature of acquiring is always at conflict with our spiritual nature of disownment. If we covet for eminence of spirituality then we have to find a midway. If I may put it truly there is no midway. We just have to envisage our scriptures in context with the contemporary perspective. It’s only by the grace of my True Guru that I am introduced to the coincident approach. The axiom laid by him is very practical, solution oriented and purposeful which can offer one relief from ignorance. Though the approach used by Him is modern but his cogitation and solicitude towards Radha Raman Dev ju and Bhakti is preternatural. It’s another way of comprehending the scriptures so that they become more pragmatic and less suppositious.
We need not leave our basic nature of acquiring. Start accumulating, start possessing do not think about renunciation. We just need to concentrate on what we want to acquire, what we want to possess, what we want to follow. If we try to make space for good deeds then there will no expanse left for our depraved part. Every soul has an inheritance of immoral within. We just have to envision the part we want to see youthful. If we make Ram inside us more ascendant then Ravan cannot dare to challenge its existence. In today’s endurance it will be impassable to swim through the ocean of life by changing our basic nature of acquiring. When we get entangled in profane pleasures our arrangements are automatically diverted towards this mesh. In a same way when our soul expands its ambit to attain the absolute then our whole conscious helps us to gain salvation( if we may call it so).So rather than renouncing start grabbing but just be careful what you are investing in.


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